Weekly Measurements - Week 7

September 17, 2015

Here we are again, another week down and about to head into a weekend of testing through the Fight Fit Training Camp. This week the measurements have been encouraging and the body shape continues to change. More people are starting to comment on how I've slimmed down and that's always a good sign! Anyway, I'll keep this weeks measurements update short, so here are the measurements for Week 7 and the body pic this week shows the comparison between what I looked like on Day 1 to what I look like 2/3 of the way through this challenge.

(cm)NeckChestUpper ArmWaistHipsUpper Thigh
Week 141.5110341009962
Week 240108.533.598.596.561
Week 339.510833.597.59562
Week 439.5104.533.2979362
Week 539.510533.596.59461.5
Week 639.5105.53395.59462
Week 739.510333.59593.561
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