Dexa Scan & Weekly Measurements - Week 5

September 2, 2015

Week 5 Measurements made me want to scratch my head a bit. I've been thoroughly enjoying my training and the diet is no issue. And I have been working extremely hard. I'm now committed to 4 training sessions a week. This is partly because I'm at a level of fitness now that I can add that extra session. I guess it's a way of me leveling up and upping the ante. But the other reason is that I'm just thoroughly enjoying Boxing I guess. I've banged on about this before, but it's been a real eye opener in terms of technique and form. In fact I'm in a frame of mind where I can't wait for my next session. So putting in the extra one-on-one with Dave is a no brainer.

This week is also time for my new Dexa Scan, which I have been looking forward to because I knew there were going to be significant changes and I was eager to see them! So let's start off with my measurements first.

This is how much fast I've lost in 30 days. Wow!

So my measurements didn't have the same level of change as in previous weeks. At first I was pretty bummed about it, but if you think about it, I'm eventually going to start tapering off in the size of the measurements as I jettison all the ample fat I had on my body and especially my gut at the start. The major losses are going to come at the start. So keeping that in mind, I'm happy and satisfied with the changes for this week.

I think from here there are going to be a few tricks to get my body back into a big fat burn cycle by resetting my diet and getting my body back into that ketosis state. Stu from Primal Food has it all planned I think, so there's like to be a change to my diet for the coming couple of weeks.

This weeks body pics also tell a story, my body shape is definitely leaning up, the gut is disappearing and I'm thinner in the face, neck, shoulders, chest and torso.

Jean Claude doing my happy dance
Jean Claude doing my happy dance

I'm actually slowly starting to see some definition around the abs. And look, for me it's not about having washboard abs, more than it's just about getting rid of the fat from my abs. It is interesting though to see what might be underneath!

The Dexa Scan

So Dr Matt Shaw from conducted my 2nd Dexa Scan and the short of it is that I passed with flying colors! Going through the results with me, his basic comment was "you really couldn't have done much better than what you've achieved".

Dexa Scan at Week 5
Dexa Scan at Week 5

So I was relieved more than anything and then ecstatic that I've made such a great drop in pure body fat in a 30 day window. And keep in mind, this is only a 3rd of the way through, so there's still huge room for improvement. Basically, it signifies that I am well on the way. It's now just about staying uninjured and staying committed.

The actual results showed that I stayed about the same in terms of Lean Mass, but I've knocked off 2.26kg of pure fat, reducing my body fat percentage from 21.67% to 19.54%. I'm now officially NOT in the Overweight category, I'm just sitting in the Normal category for my height, age & sex.

So all in all, at the completion of the first month. Things are on track and I'm feeling great. Much more energy during the day, I'm enjoying my food and I'm enjoying my training. I hope that this weekend I'll get to show you how far I have come in a new Training Video and with any luck, may even get a quick video interview with the my maestro of punishment himself, my trainer, Dave Trotter.

(cm)NeckChestUpper ArmWaistHipsUpper Thigh
Week 141.5110341009962
Week 240108.533.598.596.561
Week 339.510833.597.59562
Week 439.5104.533.2979362
Week 539.510533.596.59461.5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8

Week 5 Body Pic