Weekly Measurements - Week 4

August 26, 2015

The weeks seem to be flying by so quickly now. Into a good routine in terms of diet and training, and we're back to our weekly measurements. Week 4 now and there have been quite a few changes that I've noticed. Some of them obvious, some of them I've noticed on reflection of my daily life of the last few years.

Generally though, the measurements show more consistent losses which is awesome! The total losses since Day 1 are the following:

  • Hips: Down 6cm
  • Waist: Down 3cm
  • Neck: Down 2cm
  • Chest: Down 5.5cm

The only measurements that haven't fluctuated much are my upper thigh, still at 62cm and upper arm at 33.2cm (down 3mm). But that's OK as I am starting to put more load through my upper & lower body now and am also building some lean mass. As I've said in previous posts, I'm not weighing myself until my next Dexa Scan next week, but I expect to have lost quite a few kilos already and this has at a really positive impact on being able to train without the aches and pains.


Visibly I am starting to notice the difference in my body pic photos and even when I'm standing in the mirror. Even my wife said "Wow, I can actually see some obliques!". I hope she just wanted trying to float my boat, but either way, my body shape is definitely changing.
I actually feel lighter and fleet of foot to be honest, which I haven't felt for quite some time. I can now consistently run now without aching hips, knees and ankles! So that's one of the very obvious changes I've noticed. The changes I've realised in hindsight are things like I get from place to place, upstairs and downstairs. I used to get palpitation like symptoms known as Extrasystoles, not I don't get them at all. And my headaches that I would usually get every couple of days, well, I have had probably two of them in 4 weeks.

To me, this is already a big turnaround. My diet is a breeze, the training is slowly getting easier, though is always hard (have to ensure I never say that training is easy in case my trainer read's this!). I feel like I'm really conditioning my body, but it has taken the full 4 weeks to get this far and it has been pretty torturous.

I think about others who might read this or be starting the same journey and thing about that "torturous" comment and conclude it's too hard. The thing is, there's no easy solutions here. It's hard work to get healthy and fit again after carrying those extra kilos and not having any base fitness at all. But one thing I can guarantee, is it get's much easier to train and recover as you go along. In fact, I'm now at a point where my body is handling the training, so my mind is really enjoying it to the point where I'm almost bouncing between sets of work during my one-on-one sessions. It makes you keen and eager to get stuck into the training. Simply put, and believe it or not, it becomes fun!

(cm)NeckChestUpper ArmWaistHipsUpper Thigh
Week 141.5110341009962
Week 240108.533.598.596.561
Week 339.510833.597.59562
Week 439.5104.533.2979362
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Week 4 Body Pic
Week 4 Body Pic