Weekly Measurements – Week 3

Wow! How quickly do the weeks fly by! Well into week 3 now and the great news is that measurements continue to drop and I am starting to notice a definite difference in my body shape. charlie-sheenThe stomach is looking less like a donut and from the side-on profile, my stomach is starting to come inline with my chest, rather than trying to race it to some sort of imaginary waiting line way off in the distance.

I’m starting to actually feel “lighter”. Running seems to be much easier now, I have less action happening with my gut every stride I take and there’s feels like there’s much less pressure on my hips, knees and ankles. This just makes running now even easier and less exhausting, yet another win!

With my eating habits, the temptation to over eat or eat that odd little sugary morsel of food is dissipating rapidly and the food is becoming super enjoyable to eat. I would never have thought that a Quinoa, Cranberry and spinach salad would blow my mind, but it has and is probably one of my favourites. My diet has changed slightly in that there are now small additions of carbs, now that I’ve reached my ketosis state well and truly, my body should now know what to do with the carbs and burn them for energy, rather than saving them for a rainy day and storing it on my svelte frame as fat! I’m also having a second smaller meal after training, making it 4 meals a day, 3 days of the week.

The measurements are looking really good and since starting just over 3 weeks ago, I’ve lost a total of 4cm of my hips, 2.5cm off my waist, 2cm off my neck and 2cm of my chest. I really expect this to continue to go down, now that I am kicking in with more serious training based meals and I’m adding an extra 1-2 one-on-one training sessions a week starting from this week.

(cm)NeckChestUpper ArmWaistHipsUpper Thigh
Week 141.5110341009962
Week 240108.533.598.596.561
Week 339.510833.597.59562
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 3 Body Pic

Week 3 Body Pic




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  • Just stumbled across this from the FightFit website – keep up the great work! As someone about to start this journey, it’s really interesting! Keep us updated!

  • Thanks for your comment Tom and really happy you are about to start a similar journey! Don’t be afraid to yell out if you need any advice!